GEO Faces and Frames



About this product

GEO Faces and Frames contains a variety of stimulating ideas to explore three-dimensional shapes. It provides activities based on describing, sorting, examining, representing, and altering a range of shapes.

Product Details

Particular focus is given to prisms and pyramids, polyhedra with only regular faces, and a collection of shapes called “polycubes”. Activities in the GEO Series help students demonstrate key outcomes and standards in geometry.

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Weight1 lbs

Features & Benefits

GEO Faces and Frames includes:

  • Whole-class, small-group, and individual activities
  • Reproducible blackline resources
  • Glossary print of geometry terms

Target Audience

Grades 3-6

Series Overview

The GEO Series grades 3-6 set is a collection of four teacher activity books and metric paper for developing skills and understanding in geometry. The GEO Series is designed to help teachers make geometry an essential part of their mathematics curriculum and perfect for STEM understanding of spatial relationships – making students more creative about how they look at structural objects.