ORIGO Big Book Tunes Grades K-2



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Bring your elementary mathematics classroom to life with ORIGO Big Book Tunes K-2.

Sing along, clap your hands, and tap your feet to more than 30 fun, engaging songs designed to accompany each ORIGO Big Book (36 in total).

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Performed by award-winning Denver-based singer/songwriter, Coles WhalenORIGO Big Book Tunes brings personality and dimension to the characters found each story.
This fun, educational resource can be accessed in two ways. Via a 12-month Slate user subscription, or they can be purchased a la carte on the iTunes store.

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1 Year License, 5 Year License

Features & Benefits

Each ORIGO Big Book is fully supported with activities for lessons and differentiation through the digital ORIGO Big Book Tools and Tunes resources.

Target Audience

Pre-K, Grade K, Grade 1, Grade 2

Series Overview

ORIGO Big Books build on young students’ natural love for learning and stories to help you introduce key mathematical concepts. These large-format storybooks develop and reinforce mathematical language and understanding.

ORIGO Big Book Tools bring to life characters and concepts from the books. These engaging and easy-to-use interactive tools make the most of young students’ enthusiasm for play and learning. The series is also supported by teacher’s notes, which offer a wide range of activities to help you reinforce and extend on new learning.