ORIGO Big Books: Where Is Hare? (Grade 2)



About this product

ORIGO Big Books are engaging large-format math storybooks designed to develop and reinforce mathematical language and understanding by stimulating discussion on specific concepts from the Pre-K to Grade 2 core curriculum.


Product Details

ORIGO Big Books and Big Book Tools and Tunes provide:

  • 12 books for each grade, Pre-K–2
  • a language-rich approach to introduce and engage children with math concepts
  • seamless use of rhythm, rhyme, and repetition to support key literacy skills
  • inspiring teacher’s notes that include a variety of activities to accommodate all classrooms
  • digital teaching tools that enhance 21st-century learning.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs

English Ed, Spanish Ed

Grade 2 Titles

The Grade 2 Big Books range includes:

  • A Dozen Dizzy Dinosaurs-  Division (Equal Groups)
  • Our Sister’s Surprise- Missing-Addend Subtraction
  • The Pirates’ Gold- Division (Sharing)
  • The Big Bug Band- Multiplication (Arrays)
  • The Tiny Town Train- Time Past the Hour
  • Clowning Around- Collecting and Representing Data
  • The Fun Machines- Addition and Subtraction
  • A Bear’s Share- Division (Sharing)
  • Where is Hare?- Position, Direction and Movement
  • Munch and Crunch- Doubling and Halving