The Think Tank: Reasoning with Fractions, Grade 3



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Think Tanks provide ready-to-use opportunities for Grades 1–6 students to apply learning, foster thinking skills, and increase procedural fluency.

Students engage in problem situations requiring them to reason mathematically and quantitatively.
Think Tanks are organized into 12 imaginative sets of 20 English and Spanish cards in each box that
increase in difficulty from one to the next for scaffolded independence. These flexible and powerful exercises are suitable for whole group, small group, or independent work in a variety of educational settings and complement any core mathematics program.

Progress can be monitored through a student-guided progress sheet or pre/post assessments. Teachers’
notes offer implementation support for fidelity of usage.

Think Tanks are available for Grades 1-6 in four distinct categories to effectively cover mathematical practices and processes:

• Thinking mathematically and problem solving enables students to develop and apply problem solving skills across five strands (number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and
statistics and probability).
• Computation and number sense develops number sense and thinking strategies for addition,
subtraction, multiplication, and division.

• Measurement and geometric thinking focuses on attributes and geometric shape while practicing
core visual, spatial, and reasoning skills.
• Reasoning about fractions builds concepts and reinforces operational skills of fractions, decimals, and ratios.

Each box contains:
• 240 laminated problem cards
• English and Spanish language on each card
• reproducible student progress chart
• key problems for student portfolios
• teachers’ notes
• answer cards

Target Audience

Grade 3

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So much thinking INSIDE of a box!

Meaningful opportunities for applying thinking, reasoning, and strategies:

• Focused on thinking mathematically through fractions exercises
• Engaging and fun for students with imaginative categories: Quick Thinkers, Speedy Starters, Brain Builders, Mental Teasers, Mind Benders, Head Sharpeners, Pace Setters, Fast Figures, Number Jugglers, Wise Workers, Super Solvers, and Grand Masters.